5 Freebie Games

An assortment of 5 interactive online games for use in the lesson or at home. Children can play these games in the lesson with you to reinforce vocabulary or they can be played at home as 'homework' to review vocabulary taught in the lesson and even for children and grandchildren who just wanna have fun!

Freebie Animals
Can you guess the animal before you hang the man?
Freebie Colours
Match the word to the picture.
Freebie Categories
Drag each word to its category.
Freebie Label the Picture
Read the word and find the item in the picture.
Freebie Opposites
Can you find the opposites?
Pop the balloon so it lands in the correct carriage.
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All illustrations: Anat Friedman
All photos: Benjamin Lapid
Boxed Games graphics: Michal Dessaur Shimoni
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