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A to Z for You and Me

A to Z for You and Me is a comprehensive one-year course designed for beginner students who already possess some basic vocabulary and are now venturing into letter recognition.
This program offers a Workbook, 6 interactive games aligned with the book's material, and letter and picture flashcards.

A to Z for You and Me - Workbook
96 pages for teaching your students spoken English, the letters A to Z and vocabulary. Some of the subjects taught are animals, numbers, colours, vehicles, clothes, family members, school items, verbs, etc. There are writing pages, letter recognition pages, songs & chants, and matching activities. Full of fun activities for your students!

A to Z Workbook Cover



A to D page professions


A to D - Professions

A to Z letters - Household Items


 A to I  - Household Items

A to Z letters Itsy Bitsy Spider


A to U - Itsy Bitsy Spider

A to Z For You and Me - Flashcards
A set of 200 colourful flashcards (10.5cmx7cm). Use the A to Z flashcards to introduce letters and words. Each capital letter has a character to go with it. The students remember their names and it helps them to recognize the capital letter.  They are also used for playing games in the lessons. The flashcards are ready to cut and laminate (printed on A3 card).

Flashcard D for Dan


D - Dan

Flashcard dance



Flashcard dice



Flashcard piano



A to Z for You and Me - Games - Printed on A3 Card
(ready to laminate and cut)
An assortment of six games to reinforce and review the subjects and vocabulary taught in the lesson. Students love playing games. The games are a wonderful way to get your students to speak in English, form words and then onto full sentences.

A to Z card game

A to Z Games

Game no. 2 - ABC

Happy Families card game

A to Z Games

Game no. 3 - ABC Happy Families

A to Z puzzle

A to Z Games

Game no. 5 - Puzzles

What else does A to Z For You and Me have to offer?
Talking Cards - Parent Letters - Vocabulary List - Online Games - Boxed and Ready set of 4 games and a PDF file with extra fun pages.

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