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A to Z for You and Me is a one year course for beginner students. The course includes a Workbook, 6 games that coincide with the material from the book and 78 flashcards covering the ABC uppercase and lowercase letters, and all the words with pictures that appear in the Workbook. The course has other materials to accompany it, to make the learning process easy and fun.  

A to Z for You and Me - Work book
96 pages for teaching your students spoken English, the letters A to Z and vocabulary. Some of the subjects taught are, animals, numbers, colours, vehicles, clothes, family members, school items, verbs, etc. There are writing pages, letter recognition pages, songs & chants, and matching activities. Full of fun activities for your students!
A to Z for You and Me - Games
An assortment of games to reinforce and review the subjects and vocabulary taught in the lesson. Students love playing games and these games are based on their favourite games. The games are a wonderful way to get your students speaking in English, form words and then onto full sentences.
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A to Z for You and Me - Flashcards
200 Flashcards to introduce and review the vocabulary from the Workbook. Each capital letter has a character to go with it. The students remember their names and it helps them to recognize the capital letter. Play games using the flashcards to help reinforce the vocabulary.