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Animal Alphabet Booklet

Phonics Short Stories

Adam and Amanda
Short 'a' sound

Ofer and Omer
Short 'o' sound

Lea the Bee
Long 'e' sound

Crabby and Froggy
'r' as the second letter

Cookie Jar

Sue the Unicorn
Long 'u' sound

Leonie the Lamb
'gn' - 'nb' - 'kn'

Animal Alphabet is a 36-page booklet ideal for students that need a bit more help to master phonic reading. The animals are introduced through stories that start with short vowel sounds, moving along to digraphs and blends. Each sound is reviewed by reading a short text and then doing the short activity on the same page.
There are some fun review activities along the way. 

Dinky the Dove
Short 'u' sound

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