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Easy Read – a phonics-based, one-year course specially designed for beginner students. This program includes a Workbook, 12 games that complement the book's material, and a set of 640 phonics-focused flashcards.

Easy Read - Workbook
Easy Read is a One-Year Phonics Syllabus for Beginning Readers that helps students learn to read English. The program is based on the scientific principle that phonics is the key to reading success. Starting with short vowel sounds and ending with silent letters and more complex sounds. 

Easy Read Workbook Cover

Easy Read Workbook


Easy Read page 3

Easy Read Workbook

Page 3 - Short 'a' Sound

Easy Read page 77

Easy Read Workbook

Page 77 - Rhyming Words

Easy Read page 108

Easy Read Workbook

Page 108 - Silent Ltters

Easy Read - Flashcards
A set of 640 words and pictures (7cmx10.5cm) according to page numbers. Use the Easy Read flashcards to introduce the sounds, words and pictures. They are also used for playing games in the lessons.
The flashcards are ready to cut and laminate (printed on A3 card).

Flashcard letter c

Easy Read Flashcards


Flashcard word cat

Easy Read Flashcards


Flashcards picture cat

Easy Read Flashcards


Easy Read - Games - Printed on A3 Card (ready to laminate and cut)
re is an assortment of 12 games - printed and ready to cut and laminate - that go with the
Easy Read Workbook.

They include phonics and vocabulary games  - card and board games. A great way to reinforce reading.

Game - Short Vowel Race

 Easy Read Games

Short Vowel Race

Game - 'o' sounds

Easy Read Games

The different 'O' sounds

Game blends and digraphs

Easy Read Games

4 in a Row -Digrapahs

Easy Read and Write Booklet

for late bloomers. More writing activities for students who need basic phonics reading 

but also need to be able to write sentences. 

Easy Read and Write Cover

Easy Read and Write


Easy Read and Write page 2

Easy Read and Write

Page 2 - Short Sentences

Easy Read and Write page 9 sentence structure

Easy Read and Write

Page 9 - Sentence Structure

Easy Read and Write - page 33 - 5 minutes of reading

Easy Read and Write

Page 33 - Let's Read

Easy Read - BUNDLES




Easy Read Standard Bundle

Easy Read Workbook
A set of 640 flashcards
A set of 12 Easy Read Games

A set of 40 Talking Cards

Easy Read Extra Bundle

Standard Bundle

A set of 50 online games

100 interactive online review pages

3 sets of five short storybooks

ABC Interactive Poster

2 Boxed Games

Easy Read Super Plus Bundle

Extra Bundle

Easy Read and Write Booklet

Animal Alphabet Phonics Review Booklet

Colours Interactive Poster

4 Boxed Games

A set of 200 Easy Read and Write Word Cards for Sentence Building

What else does EASY READ have to offer?
Talking Cards - Extra Sentence Structure Booklet - Parent Letters - Online Games - Boxed and Ready set of 4 games - 4 Sets of Story Books based on phonics reading

Talking card - What colour do you like?

Extra Material

40 Colourful Talking Cards

Easy Read and Write Booklet Cover

Easy Read & Write Booklet

Extra Sentence Structure

Animal Alphabet Booklet Phonics Review Cover

Animal Alphabet Booklet

Review of sounds with short stories about different animals

Online Games

Easy Read Online Games

Over 40 online games to play with your students

Easy Read Online Review

Online Review

Over 100 pages of online Review Activities and Games 

Alphabet Poster


ABC Poster

Colour Poster

Numbers Poster

Five online short stories

Reading Books

Short Vowels

Long Vowels


Subject Based

Lesson Plans Easy Read

Lesson Plans

Free PDF on purchase of the workbook.

Parent Letter - Easy Read

Parent Letters

Free PDF on purchase of the workbook.

Vocabulary List

Free PDF on purchase of the workbook.

Easy Read Vocabulary List
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