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Flashcards & Games

Level 1 is a one-year course for students who have grasped the ABC and can read short texts and understand them. The book is taught according to subjects. Each subject has a text, comprehension questions, a work page and a fun homework page. The course includes a Workbook, 10 games that coincide with the material from the book and 257 flashcards covering all the vocabulary with pictures that appear in the Workbook. There are other materials that accompany the course and make the whole learning experience easy and fun.

DebbieBanglit ABC Poster with Letters

ABC Poster - Letters and Vocabulary

DebbieBanglit Date Poster with Cards

Day - Date - Season

DebbieBanglit Days & Months Poster with Cards

Month - Days - Seasons - Weather

DebbieBanglit Numbers 1-10 Poster with Cards

Numbers 1 - 10
Numbers 11 - 20

pop to the shop.jpg
Debbie Banglit Colour Poster with Cards

12 Colours

ESL Flashcards adjectves
ESL Flashcards - Zoo Animals
ESL Flashcards Body Parts
ESL Flashcards Breakfast
Body Parts
ESL Flashcards Clothes
ESL Flashcards Colours
ESL Flashcards Days of the Week
ESL Flashcards Every Day
Days of the Week
Every Day
ESL Flashcards Face
ESL Flashcards Family
ESL Flashcards Feelings
Farm Animals
ESL Flashcards Fruit
ESL Flashcards House
Level 1 Flashcards
15x11.5cm / 10x7.5com / 6x6cm size flashcards. These can be used with the Easy Read students to introduce vocabulary as well as learning how to read. 
For Level 1 students use the flashcards to introduce the subject. They can also be used for a varitey of activities and for playing games.
The flashcards come in three sizes, the picture sets are in colour or black and white. 
The words are in black and white. 
The 320flashcards are ready to cut and laminate.
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level 1 breakfast game 1.jpg
level 1 every day game 2.jpg
level 1 farm animals game 3.jpg
level 1 kitchen game 4.jpg
Level 1 Games
A set of 10 games printed on A3 card, ready to laminate and cut. 
These ten games review some of the vocabulary taught in the Level 1 Workbook.
They are based on the students favourite games - Bingo, Domino, Memory games and more.
level 1 places game 5.jpg
level 1 professions game 6.jpg
level 1 seasons game 7.jpg
level 1 vegetables game 8.jpg
level 1 days of the week game 9.jpg
level 1 verbs game 10.jpg
pop to the shop.jpg