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Level 1 is a one-year course for students who have grasped the ABC and can read short texts and understand them. The book is taught according to subjects. Each subject has a text, comprehension questions, a work page and a fun homework page. The course includes a Workbook, boxed games, online games and a set of flashcards that coincide with the material from the Workbook. 

Level 1 - Workbook
This is a one-year workbook for students who have mastered the ABC.  The book is based on learning English through different subjects. There are 30 subjects starting in alphabetical order -starting with adjectives, animals, body parts and ending with vegetables,verbs and WH Questions. 

Level 1 Workbook Cover

Level 1 Workbook


Level 1 animals text

Level 1 Workbook

Animals Comprehension Text

Level 1 Animals worksheet

Level 1 Workbook

Find the letters for each animal and highlight

Level 1 places homework page

Level 1 Workbook

Places Activity

Level 1  - Flashcards
2 sets of 250 flashcards
One set of words and One set of pictures (7cmx10.5cm) according to subjects.
Use the Level 1 flashcards to introduce the vocabulary and to play games in the lessons.
The flashcards are ready to cut and laminate (printed on A3 card).

Level 1 Coloured Picture Flashcard - park

Level 1 Flashcards


Level 1 word flashcard - park

Level 1 Flashcards


Level 1 - Sentence Structure

For students aiming to solidify Level 1 vocabulary and sentence skills, this 40-page workbook is your perfect practice companion.

Level 1 - Grammar Booklet

This 40-page booklet tackles key points with clear explanations, examples, and practice exercises.

Level 1 sentence structure booklet cover

Level 1 Sentence Structure Booklet


Pictures of animals, adjectives and body parts

Level 1 Sentence Structure

Adjectives/Animals/Body Parts

Sentence Strucure page 3

Level 1 Sentence Structure

Write Sentences

Write sentences actvitiy page 29

Level 1 Sentence Strucure

Write Sentences

Level 1 Grammar Booklet cover

Level 1 Grammar Booklet


A and An explanation page

Level 1 Grammar Booklet

'A' before a noun


Level 1 Grammar Booklet


Review Game

Level 1 Grammar Booklet

'There is / There are' Game

What else does LEVEL 1 have to offer?
Talking Cards - Extra Sentence Structure Booklet - Getting Ready for 4th Grade Booklet - Grammar Booklet - Parent Letters - Lesson Plans - Vocabulary List - Online Games - Boxed and Ready set of 4 games - 4 Sets of Story Books based on phonics reading 

Talking Card - What colour do you like?

Extra Material

40 Colourful Talking Cards

Level 1 sentence structure cover

Sentence Structure

Extra Sentence Practice

Grammar Booklet - Beginners

Introduction to Basic Grammar

Getting Ready for 4th Grade Booklet

Getting Ready 

Grammar - Comprehension Texts - Writing Activities

Level 1 online games

Online Games

A set of 4 Grammar Games

Boxed game Basic Grammar Combo Set

Boxed and Ready to Play

Poster Days and Date

Interactive Posters

6 Posters to choose from

4 games in 1 Level 1

Boxed and Ready to Play

Rummy N to Z

Changing Room

Memory Game - Fruit & Veg.

Back2Back Supermarket

Level 1 Teacher Lesson Plans

Free PDF on purchase of the workbook.

Lever 1 Parent Letter

Free PDF on purchase of the workbook.

Level 1 Vocabulary List

Free PDF on purchase of the workbook.

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