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Level 1A is a one-year course for students who are learning basic grammar, can read texts of 50 words understand them and answer comprehension questions on the subject, write short descriptions and stories. Poems, Dialogues and Riddles are introduced in the Workbook for fun learning activities. This level covers basic grammar points and includes fun pages, crosswords and logic problems.

Level 1A - Workbook

This is a one-year workbook for students who have mastered reading short texts.  The workbook is based on learning English through different grammar points. 

Level 1A Workbook DebbieBanglit

Level 1A Workbook


Level 1A page 2

Level 1A Workbook

Body Parts Comprehension Text

Have and Has

Level 1A page 4

Level 1A Workbook

Read the Text 

Page 39.png

Level 1A Workbook

There is & There are

Text with questions

Level 1A - Games - Printed on A3 Card (ready to laminate and cut)
There is an assortment of 6 games -printed and ready to cut and laminate- that go with the Level 1A Workbook.
A great way to reinforce reading.
Game 3 - prepositions - A3 board - double sided.jpg

 Level 1A Games


Where is the mouse?

Game 5 board 1.jpg

Level 1A Games

Use the cards to make up sentences according to the pictures.

Game 6 board.jpg

Level 1A Games

4 in a Row - IN/ON/AT

Prepositions of place and time

What else does LEVEL 1A have to offer?
Talking Cards - Sentence to Paragraph Writing Booklet - Getting Ready for the Grade Booklet - Time to Talk Booklet - Parent Letters - Lesson Plans - Vocabulary List - Online Games - Boxed and Ready set of 4 games  
40 Talking Cards for ESL Students

Extra Material

40 Colourful Talking Cards

Sentences to Paragraphs - The Write Path

Sentence Structure

What is a sentence?Paragraph Writing


Getting Ready 

Grammar - Comprehension Texts - Writing Activities

Level 1A online games

Online Games

Over 25 Online Games

Online 5th Grade Grammar review DebbieBanglit

Online Review

A full grammar interactive online review of 5th Grade Grammar


Time to Talk

Spoken English Booklet

Basic Grammar Combo Set DebbieBanglit.png

Boxed and Ready to Play

A set of 4 Grammar Games

4th & 5th Grade

Grammar Combo no.1 DebbieBanglit.png

Boxed and Ready to Play

A set of 4 Grammar Games

5th & 6th Grades

Level 1A Box Game Combo

Boxed and Ready to Play

Level 1A - Teacher Lesson plan.jpg

Free PDF on purchase of the workbook.

Parent Letter for Level 1A_Page_1.jpg

Free PDF on purchase of the workbook.

_vocabulary list for wix level 2

Free PDF on purchase of the workbook.