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Level 2 is a one-year course for students who are learning more advanced grammar, can read texts of 100 words understand them and answer comprehension questions, and write short descriptions and stories. 
The course includes a Workbook, boxed games, and online games that coincide with the material from the Workbook. 

Level 2 - Workbook
This is a one-year workbook for students who have mastered reading short texts and are ready for
6th-grade grammar.  

The book is based on learning English through different grammar points. 

Level 2 Workbook DebbieBanglit

Level 2 Workbook


page 3.Level 2 DebbieBanglit

Level 2 Workbook

Present Simple

Comprehension Text

page 28.Level 2 DebbieBanglit Present Progressive and Simple

Level 2 Workbook

Grammar Review


Level 2 Workbook

This, That, These, Those

Vocabulary Crossword

Level 2 - Games - Printed on A3 Card (ready to laminate and cut)
There is an assortment of 12 games -printed and ready to cut and laminate- that go with the Level 2 Workbook.
A great way to reinforce reading.

Level 2 - game 11  DebbieBanglit Around Town

 Level 2 Games

Board Game

Around Town