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Level 3 is a one-year course for students who are learning 8th-grade grammar, can read texts of over 100 words, understand them and answer comprehension questions on the subject, and write short descriptions and stories. There are fun pages, odd-one-out, homophones, compound nouns, and crosswords to challenge the students' knowledge of English vocabulary. 

Level 3 - Workbook
This is a one-year workbook for students who have mastered reading texts and are ready for 8th-grade grammar.  The book is based on learning English through different grammar points, 

Level 3 Workbook DebbieBanglit

Level 3 Workbook


Let's communicate

Level 3 Workbook

Let's Communicate

Verbs in English review

Level 3 Workbook


Comprehension Texts

Level 3 Workbook

Comprehension Text

Phrasal Verbs

Level 3 - Games - Printed on A3 Card (ready to laminate and cut)
There is an assortment of 6 games -printed and ready to cut and laminate- that go with the Level 3 Workbook.
A great way to reinforce reading, vocabulary and spoken English.

Happy Families game to review grammar points in English

 Level 3 Games

Happy Families

Grammar and Vocabulary

Four in a Row game to review grammar points in English

Level 3 Games

4 In a Row


ESL Pronouns Game

Level 3 Games

4 in a Row


What else does LEVEL 3 have to offer?
An assortment of 40-page Booklets - Parent Letters - Lesson Plans - Vocabulary List - Online Games 
Boxed and Ready set of 4 games - Grammar Games

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