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Announcing my new site :)

Updated: May 7, 2018

My first blog.

DebbieBAnglit is a site for teachers to find amazing material to help their ESL students learn English with ease.

I am happy to announce my new site. On my site you will find products for beginner ESL students -A1 to level A2. There are free printables and a shop. In my shop you will find games, workbooks and other teaching aids which I have designed and have been using with my own students from over 20 years of experience, knowledge and tools as a teacher of English. All items are colorful and fun to use. • 3 Workbooks • 3 complete sets of games to coincide with the Workbooks • Flashcards / Talking Cards • Card games and Board Games: ABC, Grammar Games, Vocabulary Games, and much more…

Please call or write to me if you have any questions, requests or remarks!

Specializing in Games for ESL students. DebbieBAnglit focuses on Workbooks, Flashcards, Activities for ESL students, English Games for elementary pupils, English Grammar Games and Worksheets for teaching English as a second language. There are Free downloads and tips as well as shop for Workbooks and Games.

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