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Boxed Card Game - Time, Numbers and Dates

Boxed Game - Memory Game - Numbers, Dates and Times


Boxed Game - Memory Game - Numbers, Dates and Time

1. Memory Game - Original way to play. Shuffle the cards and place them face down. Find two cards that are the same, name them and keep them. The winner is the student with the most cards at the end.
2. Do you have? Place one set of the cards in the middle - face up. Each student in turn receives a card from the second set. The other students have to guess which card he has by asking, 'Do you have ...?' / 'Is it...?'

3. Guess - Deal 12 cards to each student. The students place their cards face-down on the table. Each student in turn has to guess which card they will turn over. They have to guess if the card is a 'date', 'number' or 'time'. They turn over the card. They say what is on the card, e.g. a number, number two hundred and sixty' If the guess correctly they can turn over another card. If they didn't guess correctly it is the next student's turn to guess their top card. The winner is the student to finish all their cards. 

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