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SPEAK EASY TOTS is a one-year course for kindergarten children.
Our program features a Workbook, 6 interactive games, and flashcards. 

Speak Easy TOTS - Workbook
50 pages for teaching your students spoken English. Some of the subjects taught are animals, numbers, colours, vehicles, clothes, family members, school items and verbs. There are colouring pages, sticking activities, puzzles, matching activities, talking cards and songs.
Full of fun activities for your students!

Speak Easy Tots Workbook

Speak Easy TOTS


Numbers Activity

Speak Easy TOTS


Shapes Activity

Speak Easy TOTS


Family and Animals Activity

Speak Easy TOTS

Family and Animals

Speak Easy TOTS - Games - Printed on A3 Card
(ready to laminate and cut)
An assortment of games to reinforce and review the subjects and vocabulary taught in the lesson. Students love playing games. The games are a wonderful way to get your students to speak in English, form words and then onto full sentences. 

Tots Game Colours and Animals

Speak Easy TOTS

Game no. 2
Colours and Animals

Tots Memory Game

Speak Easy TOTS

Game no. 4
Memory Game

Tots Domino Game

Speak Easy TOTS

Game no. 6

What else does SPEAK EASY TOTS have to offer?
Talking Cards - Parent Letters - Online Games - Boxed and Ready set of 4 games

What colour do you like Question Card

Extra Material

40 Colourful Talking Cards

Speak Easy Tots online games

Online Games

6 online games to play with your students

Tots Combo Game Box

Boxed and Ready to Play

Colour Change 1 - Memory Game Colours, Numbers, clothes -

Put Me Here - Memory Game/Family & Professions

Speak Easy Parent Letter

Parent Letters

Free PDF on purchase of the workbook

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