Download and print these Grammar and Vocabulary tips to help your students.

A variety of tips to help your students with language and grammar points. These sheets can be printed and given to students when introducing a new grammatical point or just colour the pictures and make a Fun Filled File of Facts.

Tip #1 - How many and How much
How many dogs do you have?
Tip #2 - 'a' and 'an'
You have a dog.
You have a uniform.
Tip #3 - Ownership
The dog's legs are short.
The dogs' legs are short.
Tip #4 - 'in to' and 'into'
They jumped into the pool.
Tip #5 - Homophones
Do you want to meet and eat meat?
Tip #6 - this, these, that, those
This is my pen. That is your pencil.
Tip #7 - 'any' and 'some'
Do you have any oranges?
Tip #8 - Every one and Everyone
Everyone has green clothes.
Tip #9 - The 'c' sound.
When does ‘c’ have an ‘s’ sound'?
When does ‘c’ have a ‘k’ sound'?
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