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ABC for You & Me is a 40-page booklet ideal for students beginning with letter recognition. The letters are taught in bundles of 3 or 4. Each letter is taught using uppercase and lowercase letters.
Each letter has a cognate (Hebrew-English) picture.
A workbook full of fun pages to help with the learning process. 


ABC for You and Me Booklet Cover

ABC Cognates

ABC worksheet

ABC Letter Formation

ABC worksheet

ABC Fun Pages

ABC worksheet

Animal Alphabet is a 36-page booklet ideal for students who need a bit more help to master phonic reading. The animals are introduced through stories. Starting with short vowel sounds, and moving along to digraphs and blends. Each sound is reviewed by reading a short text and then completing a short activity.


Booklet Cover - Animal Alphabet Phonics review

Short A Sound

Adam and Amanda text

CH Sound

Chad and Cheri text

Soft G Sound

Jill the Giraffe text
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