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Welcome to my site and me!

Hi, my name is Debbie Sarussi born in London and live in Israel. I have two wonderful children and two gorgeous granddaughters.

In my previous role as a teacher trainer for a large educational franchise , I travelled the world training teachers on the importance of positive reinforcement, creative learning and the effectiveness of language acquisition through fun and interactive games. It was while I was talking to English teachers and reflecting on my own teaching experiences that I identified a real need for high quality, accessible and innovative games that could enhance student participation. I wanted to find ways to add another level of fun to lessons and encourage all participants to find their voice, gain confidence in their abilities and celebrating individual successes in each lesson. As a parent to two children, one with special educational needs and the other that thrived in mainstream education, I have a very real insight into the unique and varied ways children learn and retain information, as such it was clear to me that adaptability to each student is paramount when considering the effectiveness of each game. My creative background within and beyond teaching coupled with my personal experience as a teacher, teacher trainer and a mother has allowed me to create exciting and highly effective games that can be adapted and played at the level that best suits each students’ needs. As the popularity of my games grew, I listened to my clients’ feedback and their requests for more educational materials. In response to their demand, I developed workbooks, flashcards and other material  based on the same principle of fun and interactive activities that are easy to use and accessible for all abilities. Both the games and workbooks are intuitive and easy to use, they are geared towards the progressive stages of language acquisition and accompany each other, thus providing an truly holistic package for the teacher and student to enjoy together. Life is a continuous learning journey, I never stop learning and gaining new insights into the needs of my students and fellow teachers. Through the materials I produce, I hope to share these insights and provide a vibrant and inclusive platform for all teachers to discover new ways to engage, inspire and share the joy of learning.

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