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I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone using my materials. I hope I have made the lives of teachers and pupils easier by sharing my workbooks, flashcards, games and online material. Thank you for recommending me. 

Dana Fishgear  recommends In English with Debbie.

What is there to say that hasn’t already been said about our extraordinary Debbie?!

Debbie, you are an inspiration to students, parents, and teachers.

Thank you for being a patient mentor to a generation of English teachers

Your passion and creativity never cease to amaze me. I do not know what I would do without your games, workbooks, and mentorship.

Rochelle Leader recommends In English with Debbie· 

Highly recommend great material for online learning

Lilach Twina Ben-David  recommends In English with Debbie.


I have been teaching in groups using Debbie’s wonderful material ( games, booklets and cards ..) she is amazingly talented and a beautiful person. I am lucky to have met her.

Naomi Zicherman Feldheim  recommends In English with Debbie.

No one like Debbie, super creative, amazing workbooks and so generous to the public! Always giving out great usuful ideas! Keep creating Debbie!! 'Im your number one fan!

Hagit Lahav  recommends In English with Debbie.
The games that Debbie Sarussi develops follow the Israeli curriculum requirements for EFL learners according to the English inspectorate. Games and workbooks cover all language domains- oral skills, vocabulary and grammar, reading - starting early literacy and the basics of learning how to read through grades texts of reading comprehension. The games are super creative- card and board games, bingo, 4 in a row etc... When entering Debbie's online shop I feel like a child in a candy shop... The workbooks suit emergent readers in elementary, grades 2-3-4 through grades 5-6-7. I can't get enough of them and so do my pupils! Keep them coming dear Debbie Sarussie! Hours of happy, engaged & enthusiastic pupils are guaranteed!

Emanuela Iovini  recommends In English with Debbie.

Super useful material, I love it!

Heidi Goddard  recommends In English with Debbie.


Excellent teaching material!

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