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Cards and Box for Happy Families card game

Boxed Game - Happy Families - Vocabulary


Each player in turn, asks for a card from one of the families that he/she has in his/her hand. For example: if 'Player A‘ has one of the 'house family cards‘ - 'lamp' he/she can ask one of the other players for  the 'chair', 'table' or 'picture'.


Player A asks, "Do you have the ‘house’ family?"

The other player then says, "Yes, I do."

(if he/she has a 'house card' in his/her hand).


Player A can ask for one of the cards and asks,

"Do you have the chair?" If the other player has it he/she says, "Yes, I do" and hands it to Player A.  It is Player A's turn again. Player A's turn finishes when he/she receives a FAMILY or when the other player doesn't have the card he/she is asking for.


If Player A asks  "Do you have the house family?“ and the other player  says, "No, I don't,“ (if he/she doesn't have a 'house card 'in his/her hand), Player A picks up a card from the centre pile and it is the next player's turn.


The winner is the player with the most FAMILIES at the end of the game.

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