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Sale for New Subscribers

New Subscribers Exclusive Offer


5 Boxed Games for the price of 4

A bundle of games to cover different age groups and learning levels. Handpicked to cover various learning levels and abilities, visual learning aids and vocabulary. 


1. Band 1 Vocabulary - Review over 200 Band 1 words and reinforce your student's knowledge of basic vocabulary.

2. Changing Room - Reinforce colours, clothes and numbers from 11 to 20. A fun game to learn three categories needed for early learners. 

3. Back2Back Animals - A fun game to learn the names of 35 animals. 

4. ABC Cognates - For beginner readers - uppercase, lowercase letters and cognate pictures for each letter of the alphabet. Colourful and engaging. 

5. Meme Match Up - Get your students talking by matching funny picture cards of people. With 'When' situations, e.g. When your best friend is coming to stay for the weekend. 

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