School Strike

School Strike


Shuffle the cards and deal them equally between the players.

The players don’t look at the cards in their hand. They leave them face down in a pack on the table.

The players simultaneously turn over the top card and place it face up on the table. Each player says the number of his card. The player with the highest number then says, for example: "seven orange pens", and takes all the cards.

Play continues in the same way.

If two or more players have the same number and it is the highest number, they both say, "School Strike!"

Each player then places three cards from his/her pile face down on top of the card and the fourth card is placed face up on the three. Again, the player with the highest number then says, for example: "seven yellow sheep", and takes all the cards.

The player to receive all the cards is the winner.

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All illustrations: Anat Friedman -
All photos: Benjamin Lapid -
Boxed Games graphics: Michal Dessaur Shimoni 
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