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Speak Easy is a comprehensive program comprised of a 100-page workbook, colourful flashcards, engaging online games, captivating boxed games, lesson plans, and parent letters. 

Speak Easy - Workbook
A 100-page workbook for Spoken English. The workbook covers everyday language.
Colours, numbers, animals, feelings, family, household objects, fruit, food and more.

Speak Easy Workbook



Fruit and Numbers Page


Number the Fruit

Animal Colouring Page


Farm Animals

family numbers pets chatterbox


Family and Pets

Speak Easy - Teachers' Guide
A step-by-step teacher's guide on how to use the workbook.
Which flashcards to use, what material you will need, and which pages you will cover in each lesson. 

lesson plan 1 speak easy

Teacher Guide

Lesson no. 1

lesson plan 6 speak easy

Teacher Guide

Lesson no 6
lesson plan 10 speak easy
Teacher Guide
Lesson no. 10
lesson plan 18 speak easy
Teacher Guide
Lesson no. 18

Speak Easy - Flashcards
A set of 300 colourful flashcards (7cmx10.5cm). Use the Speak Easy flashcards to introduce the subjects. They are also used for playing games in the lessons. The flashcards are ready to cut and laminate (printed on A3 card).

colour flashcard of park
Where do you like to go?
I like to go to the park.
colour flashcard of salad
What do you like to eat?
I like to eat salad.
colour flashcard of brush my teeth
What do you do every day?
Every day I brush my teeth.

Speak Easy - Games - Printed on A3 Card
(ready to laminate and cut)
An assortment of games to reinforce and review the subjects and vocabulary taught in the lesson. Students love playing games. Games are a wonderful way to get your students to speak in English, form words and then full sentences. Speak Freely with Speak Easy!

Fruit board game
Speak Easy Games
Clothes board game
Speak Easy Games
Colours and Numbers board game
Speak Easy Games
Colours and Numbers

What else does SPEAK EASY have to offer?
Talking Cards - ABC for You & Me (letter recognition booklet) - Parent Letters - Online Games - Boxed and Ready set of 4 games - PDF file with extra fun pages

Flashcard What colour do you like?
Extra Material
40 Colourful Talking Cards
ABC for You and Me Booklet
ABC Letter Recognition Booklet
Hebrew - English Cognates
Speak Easy Online Games
Online Games
Over 25 online games to play with your students
Speak Easy Extra Fun Pages Booklet PDF
Extra Fun Pages
A 40-page
 booklet filled extra fun pages
Parent Letter number 2
Parent Letters
Free PDF on purchase of the workbook.
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