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New Booklets

Picture Comprehension Texts, Sentence Structure and Writing Activities

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3rd & 4th Grades

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4th & 5th Grades

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5th & 6th Grades

Comprehension and Writing D 6th Grade ESL DebbieBanglit

6th & 7th Grades

Workbooks, Games, Flashcards and more - According to Level

Speak Easy Tots - DebbieBanglit
Speak Easy for Young Students

Two kits for the young ones - Spoken English
Tots for kindergarten and Speak Easy for 1st-year students.

A to Z Workbook
Easy Read - DebbieBanglit

Two kits for students starting with letter recognition and phonics 
Recognizing letters and sounds - Reading letters and words

Carry on with 'A to Z' for letter recognition and more vocabulary or jump to 'Easy Read' for phonics reading

Level 1 - DebbieBanglit

A kit for students who have learnt their ABC and phonics reading.
*Moving along to reading short texts according to subjects. 
*Fun pages to reinforce the vocabulary.
*Introduction to basic grammar rules.

A kit for students who can read and understand basic comprehension texts.
*Vocabulary for 5th grade ESL students. 
*Fun pages to reinforce the vocabulary.
*More grammar, including Present Simple and Present Progressive.

Level 1A - DebbieBanglit
Level 2 - DebbieBanglit

A kit for students in their last year of Elementary School
*More complex comprehension texts.
*Vocabulary for 6th grade ESL students. 
*Fun pages to reinforce the vocabulary.
*Grammar, including Adjectives, Adverbs, Past Simple and Future Simple.

A kit for students in their first year of middle school.
*Comprehension texts.
*Vocabulary for 7th grade ESL students based on Band II vocabulary. 
*Fun pages to reinforce the vocabulary.
*Grammar, including Modals and Semi-Modals and Past Progressive.

Level 2B - DebbieBanglit

A kit for students in their second year of middle school.
*More complex comprehension texts.
*Vocabulary for 8th grade ESL students.
*Fun pages to reinforce the vocabulary.
*Grammar, including Phrasal Verbs, Relative Pronouns and the Passive Voice.

Games play a huge part in our lessons.

Games can be used to introduce new vocabulary, reinforce a language point, practice words or language structures, and teach or practice grammar. You can also games when the lesson begins, during the lesson to re-energize the class or at the end of class to finish on a positive note.

  • Games motivate the students to participate and engage in the lesson

  • Help to create fluency by making speaking fun

  • Aid accuracy

  • Check understanding when used in an appropriate context

  • Give lots and lots of language practice to the students

  • Help students with passive learning

Boxed Games Debbiebanglit
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In today's world, online learning has become very popular and is a great answer to being able to teach worldwide and in times of trouble.

Here is a collection of different online games and activities for your students. 

Use them in your lessons or send your students a link to work independently. 

An abundance of Free Downloads
Download any of these fun activities to use in your classroom.
Use online or print a version for your students.
Suitable for 3rd to 8th Grade students.

Summer Booklets and Extras 
All Booklets come with 5 Interactive Online Games

From letter recognition to 8th Grade review
Summer Fun Booklets 
Band Vocabulary review
Getting Ready for the next school year
Take your pick from our 40-page Booklets for your students to use over the summer holidays.

for Native Speakers
3 Levels

Jacqui Mautner and Debbie Sarussi

These books are divided into four parts according to language skills.
The teacher should feel free to plan lessons combining a page or two from the phonics section, with a page or two from the other language skills.
The books are for Native Speakers or near-to Native Speakers' level.
From 2nd Grade to 6th Grade students. 

DebbieBanglit find out more
Native Speaker young readers cover Wix.p
DebbieBanglit find out more
Native Speaker cover Wix.png
DebbieBanglit find out more
Native Speakers - Getting Older - DebbieBanglit
The Tales of Bailey and Nahla - DebbieBanglit

The Tales Bailey and Nahla
Roz Galber and Debbie Sarussi

A set of 6 Reading Books - Online and Printed Versions

The stories are about the lives of Roz, her three daughters - Alexi, Danielle and Laura - their dog Bailey and the new addition to the family, Nahla the cat.

The tales follow the everyday antics of Nahla and the mischief and trouble she gets into. Bailey does not approve of her behaviour and is often blamed for her misdemeanours.

Teaching Gems

Sharon Sacks and Debbie Sarussi

Adult Conversation Lessons - Online and Printed Versions

For teachers teaching Adult Conversation from beginner to advanced.

You can download our Adult Conversation Resource Workbooks to use online with your students.

A wide selection of lessons to promote English conversation.

Different lessons focus on - comprehension, discussion, grammar points, vocabulary, and short fun activities - all to stimulate conversation skills.

Teaching Gems - Debbie Banglit