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May 2024 - What's New?

Booklets Introduction
Happy Families Colour PDF

40-page Booklets
Something for Everyone

Happy Families Colours

Daily Tip singular and plural

PDF file for
Singular and Plural

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PDF file and links to online games and activies

ESL Phonics Based Short Stories

Workbooks, Games, Flashcards, and More ...
According to Level

Speak Easy TOTS workbook

Spoken English for Kindergarten Level

Speak Easy Workbook

Spoken English for Kindergarten or

1st Grade

A to Z for You and Me Workbook

Letter Recognition

and Spoken English

1st Grade

Easy Read Workbook

Reading with Phonics and Writing

2nd & 3rd Grades

Level 1 Workbook

Subject Based Learning

4th Grade

Level 1A Workbook

5th Grade Grammar 

Comprehension Texts

Dialogues and More

Level 2 Workbook

6th Grade Grammar 

Comprehension Texts

Dialogues and More

Level 2B Workbook

7th Grade Grammar 

Comprehension Texts

Dialogues and More

Level 3 Workbook

8th Grade Grammar 

Comprehension Texts

Dialogues and More

Debbie playing Cards

Elementary and Middle School Boxed Games

Games play a huge part in our lessons.

Games can be used to introduce new vocabulary, reinforce a language point, practice words or language structures, and teach or practice grammar. You can use games when the lesson begins, during the lesson to re-energize the class, or at the end of class to finish on a positive note. There are over 50 boxed and ready-to-go games. 

40 - Page Booklets

Unlock a world of learning with this collection of versatile booklets, covering letter recognition to 8th-grade review. The perfect choice for your students!

Fun with Band 1 Vocabulary Booklet

Band 1, 2 & 3

Let's Get Ready for 6th Grade Booklet

Getting Ready for 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th-Grades

Level 1A Grammar Booklet - DebbieBanglit

Grammar for 4th and 5th Grades

Picture Comprehension Texts and Sentence Structure Level C Booklet

Texts and 

Sentence Structure

3rd - 7th-Grade

Summer Fun 1 Booklet

Summer Fun

3rd to 7th-Grade 

From Ideas to Ink Booklet

Putting English to Practice 


Setences to Paragraphs: The Write Path Booklet

Let's get writing.

5th to 7th Grade

Animal Alphabet Phonics Booklet


and Phonics Review


Girl on the computer

Online Games, Activities and Books

In today's world, online learning has become increasingly popular and is a great answer to being able to teach worldwide and in times of trouble.
Here is a collection of different online games, books, grammar pages, phonic reviews, and activities for your students. 
Use them in your lessons or send your students a link to work independently. 

Colour Printer


Enjoy 5 Freebies from each section!

An abundance of Free Downloads.

Download any of these fun activities to use in your classroom. Use online or print a version for your students. Suitable for 3rd to 8th Grade students. 
Worksheets, Games, Grammar Activities, Word Searches, Crosswords, Band Vocabulary Activities, Talking Prompts, Festivals, and more. 

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for Native Speakers - 3 Levels

Jacqui Mautner and Debbie Sarussi
These books are divided into four parts according to language skills. The books are for Native Speakers or near-to Native Speakers' level. From 2nd Grade to 6th Grade students.